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February 1, 2021

Top Wedding Trends for 2021

Every year, new wedding trends emerge. Throughout 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve seen color palettes, food, beverages, favors, and music transition towards more intimate and safe options for couples and their guests. While so many changes have happened, weddings have not stopped. Our favorite lesson from 2020 couples is that, no matter the setting or guest count, with love at the center, small celebrations with family and close friends can feel even more meaningful!

Photo by Whitley Sander

Color Palette: The Pantone colors for 2021 according to Art News are Ultimate Gray and Illuminating – “Illuminating, the bright, highlighter-yellow color, is the light at the end of the tunnel, the sun rising over a dark landscape, the dawning of hope.” Yellow is also an extremely versatile color. It represents light, cheery, and warm moments. Mix with shades of gray, and you have a soft, airy, and happy palette for any season. With most weddings taking place in outdoor settings, the other popular color trend is to include blues and greens that remind us of nature. These peaceful colors are perfect for a 2021 reset.

Cocktail Hour: While cocktail hours have long been a wedding staple, with so much time spent at home this year, socializing and conversation has become a more essential part of events. Our three and four-piece bands have performed at many extended cocktail events. They can perform pop covers and jazz standards to provide the perfect background music for your guests long awaited catch ups.

Dessert: Individualized small plates, mini cakes or cupcakes personalizes your guests portions and makes for a fun and unique experience. This is also a great trend for safety reasons and doubles as a solution for indecisiveness. We love to try a little bit of everything, so we hope this trend sticks. 😉

Party Favors: While some elements of events have been restricted, couples have gone all out on the details they can control. Guests love party favors, and while it’s now normal to hand out monogrammed hand sanitizer, branded masks, and other essentials for this new era, you really want them leaving feeling like they have something special. To-go cocktails, mini champagne bottles, or custom coffee blends (hello, WFH!) are great gifts for everyone involved.

We’ve also customized our reception band packages, and now have a small events option. This is great for any small party, event, or wedding and can include ceremony performance only, cocktail performance only, DJ services, DJ + Musician hybrid (guitar, keys, sax, you name it!). You can check that option out here or feel free to reach out for a custom quote at any time!